Shane Riley

Personal Trainer at The Hangar


Shane is a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter with such a passion for the sport, he has travelled across the world to train with specialist coaches.  Shane regularly attends training camps over in Thailand, with fighters specialising in Muay Thai, which is excellent practice for MMA.

“There’s nothing more exciting than helping my clients reach their goals, except maybe when they exceed them!”

Shane is now available for Personal Training at The Hangar, for sessions covering all aspects of training, including martial-arts and self-defence, but also for fat-loss and general fitness and conditioning.

Body Recomposition and Fat Loss

Having fought professionally for many years, Shane has extensive experience with making weight, and can give first-hand experience if you are cutting weight, or simply want to shape up for a special occasion.

Shane regularly works with nutritionists and is currently training under Dr.Paul Rimmer in different aspects of Nutrition and Metabolism and how that affects body composition.

“I have first-hand experience in totally re-designing my body shape and body composition, along with a keen interest in fat loss and nutrition”

Shane is available for sessions covering all aspects of training, so if you would like to know more, get in touch today – or catch him at The Hangar.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Currently studying at the Advanced Coaching Academy with Phil Learney
  • Also studying under Dr.Paul Rimmer – The Fundamentals of Nutrition and Metabolism in Body Recomposition
  • First Aid Trained

“Whilst I am always learning and furthering my education, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience, and that is what my clients benefit from!”

To get in touch with Shane, either message the page, or call him on 07791 552854


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