Sammy Moyle

Pole Instructor at The Hangar

Meet Sammy

Sammy Moyle Pole Instructor at The Hangar – Sammy started pole dancing in 2011. She has been involved in dancing from a young age studying ballet tap modern and jazz. She has completed her mixed beginner’s aerials course with No Fit State Circus in 2014.

“Awesome class, Sammy and students really lovely and friendly. It’s fun and Sammy really knows her stuff! Recommend to anyone to give her classes a go; beginners and non-beginners alike”.

Sammy teaches our Tuesday evening Pole Fundamentals class and will be running the pole courses. She is also available for One-To-One or small group pole sessions.

Pole Instructor

Sammy started running Sammyshine Dance in 2014 and holds an event for her students to showcase their dancing once a year. Samantha completed her Xpert pole fitness level 1 & 2 certifications in 2016.

“I was really nervous and thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything on the pole, I was really surprised and pleased when I left my first class! Sammy is a great hands-on teacher who has tons of patience and makes what actually is a really amazing workout into loads of fun!! I’d recommend anyone to go alone no matter what you think your capabilities are! It’s really lovely because you know Sammy just wants you to leave feeling positive, happy and proud of yourself and I did ☺️ its also inspiring to watch Sammy and others dance so well and know you will get better and better each class! Will be back next week for sure!”.

Samantha loves all styles of pole dancing and also likes to incorporate new concepts and techniques as well as more classical styles into her classes and performances. Learning and progression are important to Samantha, so she attends as many master classes with pole dancers from around the world as she can and regularly volunteers at pole events.

Flexibility and movement

If you and your friends have been considering trying pole, but feel a bit shy to join a class – why not ask Sammy about small group sessions? She can deliver these here at the Hangar, you share the cost and it’s like having your own private lessons.

“Sammy is an excellent dancer, and inspirational teacher. Never thought I’d have the confidence to participate in her lessons, they are fun and a brilliant exercise too! I love coming to class!”.

Call Sammy on 07878298180 for further details or send an email via our form below.


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