Radius Handwrap System


Radius hand wrap system

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Radius Wrap System – Maximum Shock Absorption, Round After Round. Until now, combat sports athletes protected their knuckles by folding over layers of wrap fabric into a makeshift pad. Unfortunately, this technique offers little protection – especially for sore hands.

Padded gloves worn beneath gloves are ineffective and offer little wrist support, increasing the risk of injury. A component of the Radius Wrap System, the Radius Roll is innovative and engineered to reduce the traumatic forces of impact by absorbing and redirecting the energy through the pad and around the hand.

Designed to incorporate the removable Radius Roll, the Radius Hand Wrap provides an unprecedented level of protection for round after round. Crafted of durable, high-quality performance fabric, it conforms to the unique contours of your hand to ensure the ultimate in comfort during your workout.

  • Premium-grade cotton/synthetic blend length for maximum support
  • Patent-pending design
  • Double layer for Radius Roll integration
  • Professional grade – durable and long lasting
  • Maintains shape, wash after wash
  • Radius Rolls: Made from antibacterial, high-grade, closed-cell foam, the Radius Roll effectively absorbs and redistributes much of the impact that would traditionally be directed on the knuckles.

Simply adjust the length of each roll to cover the exact width of your knuckles and slide into the Radius Wrap.

The Radius Roll is designed for maximum comfort so you quickly forget are there when your workout begins. That means you can focus all your energy on your training – not your hands.

  • Shock absorbent, Non-abrasive Patent-pending design
  • Durable for long-lasting protection
  • Washing-machine safe
  • High-rebound, closed-cell EVAF
  • MMA and boxing gloves Antimicrobial Comfortable Resistant to cracking and compression

Each Radius Wrap System includes 1x Pair of Radius Wraps and 1x Pair of Radius Rolls