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Book into Neil’s Mobility Workshop

Pretty much everyone will benefit from foam-rolling which is great for both prehab and rehab.  Did you know you should incorporate these techniques into your warm-up for better mobility during your workout? Neil is running an hour's coaching on myofascial release...

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Beginners MMA Course Starts 23 January 2018

Our new Beginners MMA Course Starts 23 January 2018 and will run twice a week, every Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 9.30am for 6 weeks.  It takes place at our facility, a custom built MMA gym in Cardiff.  You can book in below and booking is essential as we only have...

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Pole Routine Course Starts 9th January 2018

A brand-new Pole Routine Course Starts 9th January 2018 with Sammy Moyle, an experienced pole instructor with years of experience and who specialises in routine. Sammy has devised this course for total beginners, and improvers who wish to perfect a routine.  Priced at...

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Hangar Membership Benefits

Why should you choose The Hangar HPC over other gyms? No contract, no joining fees Our membership price is the same to everyone. This means that you don't get conned into what seems like a great deal, then stuck in a years contract when you're never using the gym. ...

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Curious about APE Classes?

Our APE (Adult PE) class takes place every weekday morning, TWICE! Developed by our Head Personal Trainer Matt, think strength and conditioning but in a group - so you'll be using various items of equipment in the gym including barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, our rig...

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Hangar Wrestling Club

So after a few weeks of Hangar Wrestling Club, the numbers are starting to build up nicely. Here's a little clip of what we're doing: Head Wrestling Coach Oli puts the guys through their paces with the assistance of his brother Harris, who also competes in Wrestling...

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