The Hangar Human Performance Centre MMA Combat Sports Cardiff fosters positivity to create an environment that you, our community, are proud to have as Your Space. Your zone. Your gym. An environment where you can put the hard work in, to get the best out.  We are not a budget gym. Or a health club. We are a centre in Cardiff for those who love to train.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Welcome To The Hangar

The Hangar Human Performance Centre
Combat Sports & Performance Training
Optimise Your Potential.

Positive Community

You want to train with encouraging, positive and expert coaches and make improvements on your own goals.

We’re ready to help you.

Strength & Performance

Over two floors, we have strength and conditioning, functional performance and martial arts.  We are inclusive and open to everyone regardless of ability.

Unique Classes

Want to try something new? Ready to challenge yourself? We specialise in MMA Combat Sports Cardiff. Our class program is very different, unique and will take you outside your comfort zone.

Matt Bowring

Head Personal Trainer

10 years of personal training, and thousands of hours, with hundreds of different people have molded me into the coach I am today.  My role is a facilitator, coach, therapist.

I provide you with the tools.
You execute and succeed

Matt heads up a team of experienced personal trainers all of whom have individual qualities to benefit the unique needs and goals of their client.

Hangar Human Performance Centre MMA Combat Sports Cardiff…

Latest News

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    2nd July 2018
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    11th June 2018
    Hangar Membership Now Includes 5 MMA Classes Every Week
  • Spin Classes Cardiff
    18th May 2018
    Spin Classes Starting 26th May


Our coaching program is for everyone.


Be part of the human performance revolution. We can help you smash your goals.